Set Up of Smart AC Control incomplete

Hi all - please forgive me if this has been dealt with previously but I searched and found nothing.

I bought the Smart AC Control to control, remotely, my Airton AC Unit while I am away from home. I followed all the set up process via the App which I installed on my iPhone. I get top the part where the unit beeps to determine a good site. Once this has happened I get another green tab which say Continue Installation. I tap on button then a new page opens up, a wheel spins and nothing happens. It just turns and turns.

If I go onto the app I can adjust the settings for heat, cool and off. I cannot activate the AC unit, as in on and off, and none of the changes I make on the app occur on the AC unit itself.

Am I doing one thing wrong? The app set up process recognises my AC unit, the remote control and all seems to be well.

Thanks in advance.

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