Controlling 3 Zone Valves

I’ve just setup Tado on a replacement unvented cylinder heating system. I currently have a zone valve controlling the heating and a zone valve controlling the hot water. All is currently working ok.
However, I have a third zone valve plumbed ready to supply the underfloor heating in the extension I’m not finishing. Therefore I’m looking at how best to control a single room underfloor heating system.

It would seem I am going to need to hard wire another Tado thermostat. Is this correct? Is there not another way I can do it wirelessly?

Does Tado support two extension boxes? I note the setup for the thermostat and extension box has several options. I’m wondering if I use another room stat to in the extension to talk wirelessly to the extension box which will be located next to the zone valve.

Thoughts appreciated.

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    Unfortunately Tado will only support one wireless receiver or one extension kit. There must be a technical limitation in the heart of the Tado system that imposes this limit as the option to support two or more wireless thermostats would certainly win them more customers.

    I think hard wiring another thermostat to the zone valve for the UFH is your only option.

  • GrilledCheese2
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    R01 is standard relay control for fully pumped heating systems.

    R02 gives dual relay control for gravity-fed heating systems where the hot water relay must close when heating is requested. Only applicable on the EK and WR devices.

    HC01 is heating circuit one.

    D01 is for digital bus control using Opentherm protocol.


  • Thanks for the reply. That’s a shame, it’s a massive flaw in the Tado system. Shame they can’t sort it out.

    As a side note, any idea what all the options in the engineers menu are of the smart thermostat? I.e R01, R02, HC01, D1 etc?
  • Does anyone know of a workaround to control a 3 zone system? 1 zone controlling upstairs on a stat and another down stairs and then hot water?

  • Just looking at this again, because I have Tado TRVs could I just move the wireless thermostat into the room with underfloor heating and wire that thermostat straight to the underfloor zone valve?