I feel a little silly to ask this....

But here I go!

Hi, I am planning to buy the Tado thermostat sytem for our house. But I cannot seem to be able to make heads or tails of the different possibilies/packages available. Can anyone tell me (or point me to a previous post) on what to buy.

We have an oil heater, which is controlled by an old, wired thermostat. We would like to be able to:

  • Control the radiators from afar
  • Create a heating plan for each room
  • group certain radiators (because they are in the same room)
  • Control the radiators from an app, even within our house
  • Perhaps there are more possibilities which I have not yet thought of, I am open for your ideas

Not too many demands, I think. I would appreciate guidance towards what to buy.

Thank you in advance.



  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Vink We could advise on here but we don't know what makes or models you have. Much better that you outline your requirements to Support at tado.com giving them makes and models of your current equipment etc. They will furnish you with purchase requirements and a wiring & installation document.

  • Vink
    edited January 2021

    Thanks, I have, sent them an e-mail just now.