Smart AC Control - "Updating Configuration"

Hi all,

I got my first Smart AC Control unit (as a tester - will need about 6-7 more if I can get it all working).

It arrived on Tuesday and I started setting it up. I seemed to be able to get it to control my Midea Breezeless AC unit.

But then it goes into its "Configuring" mode, with the progress spinner message, "Updating Configuration" - and a Troubleshooting link that, if you follow, suggests that it may "take a while".

But what sort of "while" are we talking about here? So far it has been four days. Is that normal? Is it just getting started? Or should I have expected something within minutes?

It does say it could be affected by geographic location, but I would expect such differences to be on the order of milliseconds ... seconds at the most!

What have others found?


  • Hi all,

    I have the same issue when I try to switch my V3 AC Control from ‘standard’ to ‘thermostat’ mode.
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