Hot Water..... Where has it gone?

Installed a 3+ system onto my S plan system four days ago and all worked fine. Was able to control my heating and hot water on the app. This morning the Hot water icon has gone and also the receiver units hot water button does nothing ? I have no means of heating my water anymore. I raised a case but no response from Tado yet. If they don’t get back to me soon I’ll have to unwire it and go back to my nest system so we have hot water.


  • As if by magic the water clicked on last night and the icon reappeared. All config for water was reset though. Have the Tado Pixies been in to reset it?
  • Montage
    Montage ✭✭✭

    Be happy and enjoy the hot water.

    It's really odd and does sound like it dropped off and was re-provisioned. I don't know the details of the inner magic in Tado land.

  • Just got this back from Tado on my open support ticket.

    ‘As per our data, on 29.01.2020 instructions were requested a couple of times.
    Please keep in mind that requesting installation instructions will automatically change the configuration of your tado° system to whatever is requested.’

    Interesting that this causes a reconfiguration. A simple warning of using this option on a running system would have been a useful feature.

    I was interested in getting instructions to an alternative setup as I am contemplating changing my boiler and wanted to see if the new boiler would be supported. Didn’t expect requesting a different set of install instructions to trigger a reconfiguration of my system!
  • Wow. That's certainly something you'd want to know in advance. They should provide an option to NOT have that occur.

  • Dangerous "feature"...

  • Finally had enough of Tado. Boxed it all back up and sending it back to the shop for a refund. I’m going back to my original and trouble free Nest. Only changed as I thought the Smart TRVs would be a good addition. The system super heated us last night and I had to get up at four in the morning to power cycle it. It reconnected but then in the morning no hot water. After three weeks of trying, I’m out!!!