Where is the smart schedule stored?

I'm trying to get to the bottom of some intermittent issues I'm having with my hot water. I don't know if Tado is responsible for them, but I'd like to rule it out.

Does anyone know if the smart schedules are stored locally, or only on Tado servers? What would happen if there was an internet outage during a switching point in the schedule?

Also, is there a way of getting a log of hot water operation? With the heating you can see a graph of temperature and on that see when the heating was active. I'd like similar for the hot water, to see when Tado thinks the water was on.

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  • samd
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    @GrayDav4276 I have had 2 dropouts recently and on another occasion I moved the Bridge to a different room - no reset required.


  • Hi @SpaceDandy,

    The schedules are held on the Tado servers only....I'm very sorry to say.
  • Thanks, @GrayDav4276 ,

    So, just to be clear, if my water is due to come on at 06:00 and my internet is down, then it won't come on? Will it switch when the internet comes back up, or will it stay off until the next scheduled change?

  • Hi @SpaceDandy,
    That is correct.....it won't come on.
    I 'think' that when the Internet is reconnected you may have to carry out a reset, because the Tado Bridge does not automatically reconnect.
    There are quite a few posts about this on the Community Forum....have a search.
  • Wow. That’s shockingly bad. I’ll have to go back to a regular timer for the hot water then, as that is unacceptable.
  • what_a_tado
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    Hi @SpaceDandy My Internet Bridge automatically reconnects following an internet outage so I think @GrayDav4276 statement is a bit misleading. Yes, some customers have reported problems but it is uncertain as to the root cause.

  • Hi @what_a_tado , that’s not really the issue. My Internet bridge reconnects too. The issue is (if I’ve understood correctly) that if the bridge misses a HW switch on event due to an outage then it won’t come on even when connection is restored — the HW will remain in its off state until the next switch on. That would explain the exact symptoms I’m experiencing.
  • Hey @SpaceDandy ,

    According to @what_a_tado and @samd have stated, it appears that I may have given you a bit of a bum steer on the Internet Bridge's inability to automatically reconnect.

    It looks like I have misread other posts on the subject of the IB and internet issues.

    I wholeheartedly apologise if I'm actually wrong.......sorry !!😱

    I will withdraw from the conversation to allow better informed Community Members to assist you with this issue.........apologies and good luck. 🙏

  • Hi @GrayDav4276 ,

    No need to apologise. I don’t think I’ve explained my question properly, so I still don’t have a clear answer, which is nobody’s fault but my own.

    What I’m trying to establish is this: if my HW is due to come on at 06:00 and I have an Internet outage between 05:55 and 06:05, what will happen when the Internet bridge restores its connection? Will the HW come on at that point, or will it wait until the next scheduled event?

  • Hi @SpaceDandy,
    Now this is a bit of a guess tbh....

    But..."IF" the IB reconnects to the INTERNET, then my assumption would be that the HW would kick in and not have to wait until the next change in the schedule.

    But to be honest with you....the way that Tado operates is a bit "odd" in my opinion. For example the Tado system may interpret the loss of Internet in the same way as it interprets a "Manual Change", so it could decide on the configuration (of your choice) for a manual change.

    Sorry if that's made it all as clear as mud.
  • what_a_tado
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    Hi @SpaceDandy, in the circumstances you describe Tado will wait until the next scheduled event so you will have to manually turn on the HW at the smart thermostat or via the app.

  • cbd20
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    @SpaceDandy in answer to your second query about getting a log of when Tado "thinks" the hot water was on. If you click on any room and view it's temperature graph. There's a button on the right hand side with a picture of a tap. Select that and it'll highlight in red on the graph when it thinks the hot water was on.

    As far as your main question goes and using your example I believe the following will happen:

    If you had an outage from 05:55 to 06:05 and the HW was scheduled to come on at 06:00, it would remain off - i.e in its last known state. If you don't touch it and connection is restored at 06:05, it will check what state it should be in and trigger - i.e it should come on. This is certainly what I have experienced when I had an outage ages ago.

    If, however you noticed at 06:02 and manually turned the HW on, then when connection is restored your change will get registered back as a manual change and that will run as long as your setting for a manual change is set to run for.