Read target temperature? Set opening of valves?

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Dear readers,

I setup a small monitoring to understand how tado controls my radiators:

Target temperature for living room was 22°C for the whole time window. Why does it open and close the valve all the time?

The trvs are only mounted for around 48h so I wonder whether I will be able to observe a learning effect?

Is there a reason for this step wise reduction to 0% - seems pointless imho, unless you want to learn temperature curves for a room?

I would love to train a neural network to minimize power consumption, noise and delta to the target temperature.

Is there a way I can set the opening of the valves directly? How can I read my valves target temperature?

Thanks for your help!



  • Dear Meow,

    Interresting your monitoring. How did you do this ?



  • meow
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    holla Patrick,

    I setup a home assistant instance, connect to tado using the HA tado integration. Store the data in an InfluxDB. The dashboard for visualization is build in grafana.

  • Thanks for your fast answer. Great job !

    Best regards.

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