Do I still need a Smart Thermostat?

Hi all.

Noob question...;

Old set-up:

  • Worcester Greenstar 30CDi system Boiler
  • Megaflo unvented hot water cylinder
  • Wired Honeywell ST6400c dual channel programmable timer
  • Wired Honeywell T6360b room thermostat (in the entrance hallway)
  • Various radiators all over the house with TRVs

Current set-up:

  • Honeywell programmable timer replaced with tado Extension Kit (wired)
  • Honeywell room thermostat in the entrance hallway replaced with tado Smart Thermostat (wired)
  • tado Smart TRVs added to all radiators
  • Hot water and heating now both controlled via tado

Future set-up (work in progress):

  • Remove downstairs radiators and replace with underfloor heating
  • All other components remain the same

Previous problem (now resolved):

  • If the Smart Thermostat was set to 'off', I found that my boiler wouldn't fire even if my Smart TRVs were calling for heat. I had a look on various forums on the Internet and found that there is a setting on the Smart Thermostat to change from 'Relay' mode to 'Temperature Sensor' mode. Once I changed that, all TRVs could independently fire up the boiler if they called for heat, irrespective of whether the Smart Thermostat was on or off.

My question;

As we have now removed all the downstairs radiators in preparation for the installation of underfloor heating and all my TRVs can independently call for heat via the Extension Kit, my Smart Thermostat in the entrance hallway is effectively doing nothing. So my question is, can I remove it and re-use it as the Smart Thermostat for the new underfloor heating installation? If so, what do I need to do with the existing room thermostat wiring in the wall that the Smart Thermostat is currently connected to?

Apologies for the long winded message but thought the background was relevant and important. Appreciate any help you can give.