Tado installation with district heating


Please bear with my potentially stupid questions 😊

I've moved apartments and I now have hydronic underfloor heating connected to district heating. I'm interested in replacing the old Danfoss system with Tado. There are all kinds of problems with the wireless thermostats and I want a more smart system. I've spent hours checking guides and videos, but most seem to be for systems with a boiler. As far as I understand, my system has no boiler in that sense, it just has the actuators that turn the flow on or off and the water comes from the district heating. I don't see any wires from the Danfoss controller to anywhere else than the actuators, so I think the water is just "on standby" in the building. There is a Techem sensor bottom right that measures the usage of water as far as I understand and the box above it to the left I presume sends this wirelessly to the water supplier for invoicing.

None of the temperature sensors in the apartment are wired, they are all old wireless Danfoss ones.

I have the possibility to purchase Tado hardware from a friend who works at an electronics store, so I can get the radiator thermostats and wireless sensors quite cheap.

My question is, can I do this?

  • Replace the 5 actuators with 5 Tado actuators.
  • Purchase 4 Tado wireless temperature sensors.
  • Have 1 wireless temperature sensor override 2 of the Tado actuators (living room).
  • Have 3 wireless temperature sensors override the 3 other Tado actuators.

So with this setup I don't need the Danfoss controller and can just control each zone with the Tado actuator that again is overriden by the Tado wireless temperature sensor (since the Tado actuator can't measure the temperature in the manifold, but needs to get the correct temperature from each room). Is this possible? I know there probably is some way to wire the system so that I can use the actuators on the manifold already, but I don't think I can use the Danfoss controller with this and I also suspect one or more actuators are broken. So maybe a bit more expensive with 5 Tado actuators and Tado wireless sensors overriding, but right now the issue is more time than costs since I can the the hardware fairly reasonable.

If the setup I'm thinking of is not possible, are there any other ways to make this work?

(I know the flow meters need to be cleaned, the previous owner obviously never did that).

Thank you so much for helping!