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Strange things happening here. Since the introduction of then new app, that allows also for the room reordering my temperature in the 'living room' switches to 20 degrees C UNTIL YOU CANCEL. but nobody touches the app in the morning and all is run by schedule all day ... any ideas what could be the reason? I first thought that it was due to the fact that my cell phone sometimes is in my backpocket .. but i have paid attention and so again this morning .. temp set to 20 until you cancel .. very strange, anyone any ideass .?


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    It means you have (maybe inadvertently) made a temperature change, and you have configured that room so that manual changes are valid until you cancel. You can configure that to "until next scheduled change" or set a fixed time period instead.

  • Thanks, will have a look, will already implement your suggestion and see what it gives

  • @VanDaeleC if you have a voice assistant linked to your Tado account it may be causing the unexpected manual changes. Other users on this forum have reported similar problems only to realise that their voice assistant is getting confused with room/device/routine names.

  • Nope, nothing of the kind .. it happens frequently now .. nearly every day .. between 8 and 9 am .. all of the sudden manual override to 20 degrees C until cancelation, and only on one room 'living room', also had that it switched to 'freeze' modus ... very strange, happens since a couple of weeks, seems to be connected with the new app .. rearranging rooms ... ??

  • Log the issue with Tado customer support. It may take a while to get an answer, but they should at least be able to tell you the origin for the command which switches your living room to manual mode.

  • owke, did that already this morning ... no answer yet .. just a ticket number

  • No one any reply anymore ? This morning same *naughtyword* again .. there is a schedule for Livingroom that runs from 7 am till 10 pm every day. Temp is set to 21.7 degrees C. But since a few weeks .. all of the sudden there is an 'manual' override 'Set to 20.0 Degrees' 'Until 22:00 while in home mode'. The until home mode is there because of one device currently not available. But it happens also when all devices known to tado are in place. So I need to cancel the manual override and everything works correctly again ... I had some IFTTT connections set up, but all of those have been shut down ...

  • overview of what is happening

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