New boiler causing thermostat issues

I had a new boiler fitted about a week ago and all was fine. Last night i finally got around to updating the boiler in the app. Tado now seems to think that i want thermostat to have more control, and has added a hot water option to the system (I don't have the relevant bit to do this - i just need it to be a thermostat), This is causing problems

Heating doesn't come on unless it also has hotwater

Heating doesn't seem to regulate the temperature

Heating didn't turn off once everything in tado was set to off.

The install page for the thermostat is in a holding state - waiting for tado to send me instruction for new boiler, so i can 'reinstall anything. or set it back to the old boiler.

I've raised a message with tado, but turn around is said to be a day, not sure how a conversation to fix will work with those times!

Any suggestions?


  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin
    edited February 5


    This was caused by you updating the boiler in your app without then following the wiring instructions.

    You will now have to wait for our support to revert back to the normal Relay operation.

    Or, use these guides:

    To update your system to TS, HC01, EKv, R01, HWx

    Kind regards,


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