False Nobody at home anymore & Unable to control Rads together?

Evening folks,

This evening I took the plunge and connected by 1st smart heating setting, consisting of:

  • Wireless Smart Temp Senor
  • 8 x Smart Rad Thermostat
  • Wireless Receiver & Internet Bridge

Setup went surprisingly smooth - however I have 2 annoyances which I would really appreciate would direction of please?

1 Constant "Nobody at home anymore" notifications, when I haven't moved from home? I have checked my setting inline with the guidance, and they appear OK - do you concur?

2 Unable to call heat or turn off heat across all Radiator thermostats? This is particularly annoying as I have to manually turn down / up the wireless temp sensor, then each of smart radiator thermostats - is there a global way of calling heat / shutting of the central heating?

Please help !



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