How do I get my Smart Radiator Values to turn on my central heating?

Hi everyone, I installed the Thermostat, Wireless Heating & Hot Water Starter Kit but I'm having problems with the operation of additional Smart Radiator Valves. In short, they don't call for heat.
Its only the main thermostat which does. So if that has reached its desired temperature but a different room with a Smart Radiator Valve is at, say, 18 with a target of 20, it simply won't heat because the central heating is off. I need to raise the temperature on the main thermostat to get it to switch on. Less than ideal and unsustainable as a work around.

Is there anything in the set up or placement which I may have missed? Any advice would be much appreciated. I contacted the support a few days without a response and I'm getting close to uninstalling it all!

I've checked the settings and they're all connected to the same zone controller (the wireless receiver) as the thermostat.


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Bobble Hello. There are 2 modes - the one you have at the moment and one which allows every tado device to call for heat regardless of the status of the boiler-controlling tado device. 2 minute job for support at to change for you.

  • Oh really - that's amazing news! Thank you. Now just how to get a hold of support...
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