Enable Opentherm options with Extension Kit

Instructions for enabling Opentherm with a Smart Thermostat show how to enable this using the installer menu:


But how is it enabled for the extension kit? I only have Smart TRVs and an extension kit so I need a way of enabling Opentherm

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  • Montage
    Montage ✭✭
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    I expect you’ll need to get Tado to do that.


  • @Montage thanks I'll get in touch with support. Given that support don't seem to be responding to my email queries, will I be left without heating if I ask them to enable Opentherm and I'm not able to wire it in time? And I guess it will be another hassle getting it reverted.

    Is there any other way to get a faster response?
  • I’ve been getting quite quick responses over the last fortnight.

    if you can trigger it via the app it might help.

  • If you run through the installation instructions for the extension kit under rooms & devices for your boiler model it should set it all up for you I believe.

  • Install instructions only show relay wiring unfortunately, not Opentherm
  • I would wire it up in advance. The OT connections won’t send anything when in relay mode. I don’t expect the boiler will care either.

  • Not a bad idea @Montage

    Still waiting for a response from support
  • gary333
    gary333 ✭✭
    edited February 21
    Did you get an answer from Tado?

    Could I just check, do you mean you are not using a smart thermostat at all, and just TRVs (Smart radiator thermostats)?

    I was told by Tado installer line the extension kit couldn’t work on its own without the thermostat unit. On my install I have a thermostat in my system which isn’t used as a thermostat just as a controller. I would have preferred to use just the extension kit and the TRVs if that was a supported setup, but Tado said the extensions were just dumb units.
  • tadouser1000
    edited February 21
    @gary333 yes I eventually got Tado support to enable Opentherm remotely for me and it's all working now

    I can confirm I don't have a smart thermostat. Just extension kit, internet bridge + smart TRVs and it's all working fine with my combi boiler

    Maybe Tado suggest installing a smart thermostat to make installation easier? Or for specific setups?
  • @gary333 if you've already got the smart thermostat wired up, is it worth the effort of replacing it with an extension kit? You could actually use it as a thermostat in your most used room as temperature measurement will be more accurate compared to smart TRV
  • gary333
    gary333 ✭✭
    edited February 21
    That’s good to know. It makes the London Tado support look a bit silly, as they categorically said the extension didn’t communicate with the bridge directly, but only through the thermostat and thus the reason it wasn’t possible

    That was my plan to use the existing wired thermostat as a usable wireless thermostat for living room. It’s current position is just under the stairs so no use there :). I wouldn’t have purchased the wired thermostat if Tado hadn’t given the duff info :(.

    I’ll be (and am) using eBus. I had evohone before on a new system so the relay was up high. I wanted the extension there. As Tado said no can do, I had to bodge the wired thermostat in somewhere close by so I could hide the cable.
  • @gary333 ahhh I assumed you had a wireless thermostat. Wired certainly makes it difficult to use in your case! Good luck with your setup
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