Vaillant ecotec 831 plus Combi RT and BUS install difference

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Can anyone tell me the difference in using the RT 24v installation as apposed to BUS with the Starter Kit - Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+.

My own installation of a Vaillant ecotec 831 plus and those now provided by Tado have suggested I buy an additional power cable and install using the RT supply.

Just wondering if it makes a world of difference in using the app


  • One can tell the boiler to modulate, the other does on or off.

  • Thanks Montage, so will the unit as a whole still work as advertised if connected via RT24

  • That just depends what as advertised means. If you don’t have any interest in telling the boiler to modulate and live somewhere you don’t have to, then use the RT or some other switched method.

    I want the system to be able to command the boiler, which is a shame as it can’t be done.

    For all the faults, the Tado is still a good smart thermostat system.