temp set to manual override ? no one in the room...

Since a couple of weeks the temp in my 'living room' is set to 20 degrees . manually

Contacted Tado .. gave me this explanation .. but ..

  • no one in the room at that time
  • no homekit what so ever
  • since nobody in the room, nobody can access the radiator knob/thermostats ...

Changed my password (hacking ???? )

Anyone any ideas about this ?

the issue which you described happens with Woonkamer RU1073810432.

Here are the data reports from the last week:

  • 03.02.2021 08:17 RU1073810432 Woonkamer set to 20°C
  • 02.02.2021 08:09 RU1073810432 Woonkamer set to 20°C
  • 01.02.2021 08:41 RU1073810432 Woonkamer set to 20°C
  • 30.01.2021 08:14 RU1073810432 Woonkamer set to 20°C
  • 25.01.2021 08:18 RU1073810432 Woonkamer set to 19°C.

This can happen only in the following cases:

  • temperature was manually changed on the Smart Thermostat directly,
  • temperature was manually changes on one of the Smart Radiator Thermostats in Woonkamer VA2604141568, VA3280867584.
  • temperature was changed through Homekit.


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    @VanDaeleC It is of some interest that these changes all took place just after 0800 hrs. Have you looked at what activity is taking place around that time? Is it possible that a tado TRV in another room has been made dependent on RU1073810432?

  • that's is the first good remark i got .. i'll have a look at it directly ..

  • Hmm ... nothing there ..

    But, since a couple of weeks (waterleak in radiator hose in Bathroom) I had to dismantle the radiator thermostat

    I did not got the batteries out .. I just put it away in the closet until the leak is going to be fixed .. (new bathroom in the mean time)

    Could it have been that since the dismount or batteries out of it that it actually defaulted to the general living room thermostat ?

    In the mean time i removed the room and got the batteries out of it ..

    So quest is .. would it change rooms when batteries dead or dismounted for a couple of days .. when the room is still in the app ?

    That could indeed be an explanation .. that or men from mars .. or my dogs fiddling with my thermostats .. ;-)

  • Or perhaps .. something like this happened

    At the moment you can assign the Smart Radiator Thermostats to different rooms and group them in the way you need (up to 7 devices per room).

    However, the default configuration makes every new Smart Radiator Thermostat zone to be able to call for heating independently, no matter what's the requirement in the room where the Smart Thermostat is. If you want to change this behavior, so the Smart Radiator Thermostat zones are dependent on the main thermostat's room needs, you can contact us on support to request this change. It can also be applied to certain zones while other remain independent, have that in mind when you plan how do you want it configured.

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    @VanDaeleC please, my English is not excellent at all, but not so bad either.

    I could not really understand your attempt to explain, please can you try to add something to your last post ? It could be interesting/useful for everybody.

    Thank you.

  • A possible explanation is a smart assistant like Alexa or Google assistant (not sure if HomeKit does the same, I will try it out)

    I had to deactivate all of my Tado devices inside Alexa app because when I said "turn off the living room", meaning turn off the light, it turned off also my heating devices. If the command is not 100% precise or 100% understood by the assistant, weird things might happen.

    It took me a while to understand it, and when a smart assistant changes the temp of a Tado device, it results as "manually" changed.