Radiator thermostat in in floor convection water heaters

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Can I use the Tado radiator thermostat in the convection heating system, as shown on the picture? I suppose, the radiator thermostat will sense the temperature inside the convector, but not in the room, that is why such convectors supplied by the outside mounted thermostats.

But If I set up the Tado room thermostat, will it set the radiator thermostat valve to the required position based on the room temperature, ignoring the temperature inside the convector?

I have the central heating system in the whole building, no boiler in my apartment.


  • Hi,

    Normally this uses an RTL (Return Temperature Limiter) valve and therefore requires a special thermostat that feels the return flow temp over the valve. This is not compatible with the Smart Radiator Thermostat.

    You will also run the risk of communication issues with the Smart Radiator Thermostat mounted like that, so unfortunately tado° is not a solution for you with this set-up.

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  • Hi,
    I asked the manufacturer and got confirmed, that thermostat should be mounted on inlet valve, instead of RTL.