I am so fed-up with those Tado Thermostats, I regret to have invested money into them.
Only 90cm away from thermostat and you have temp difference between of 6C! Detected open windows where are none ...
Anybody here has a similar experience with Tado and perhaps a solution? I have a simple solution selling it all ...


  • Pete
    Pete ✭✭✭

    I have found the the problem with the TRVs temperature becomes serious when the radiator is relatively undersized for the room (so generally a problem in poorly insulated/drafty old houses). We have a hall which was always cold but Tado TRV made worse due to the TRV inaccuracy. For other warm rooms, the accuracy of the TRV is not a problem as the room heats up in line with the TRV sensor. (you can also flip the TRV valve through 90 degrees when the system is drained down so it's further away from the radiator).

    We fitted a remote temp sensor the the Hall and things are much better (but the room is still a little cold, but that is a radiator sizing problem).

    As for the open window detection, the system looks for a rapid drop in temperature, this may be opening the door from a cold area to a warm area (we got it in our dining room when we opened the door to the cold hall). I disabled open window detection in the room if I got too many false readings. If you have 2 radiators in a room, it can also be helped by switching the temperature sensor to the other radiator (away from a draft/door).

  • Very often the issues can occur because the trv isn't installed vertically or draughts are coming through skirting boards etc. While the open window idea is good in theory in practice it will give ten false flags for every one genuine open window. It is doing its job but cannot tell the difference between a 5 year old leaving doors open and you opening a window to cool a space.
    1. Ensure your rads are sized correctly.
    2. Adjust the offsets in the app if you feel the reading is off.
    3. If you don't have the TVR installed correctly in a draft free area it just cannot work properly