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Installation error for additional smart thermostat

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I have just installed a new smart thermostat and extension kit to replace my v1 thermostat. All paired correctly but when pressing the last step to confirm the installation I get the following error message:

there is a Room Unit without a zone, though Boiler Unit is registered for installation process SALE_FITTING_ST_G1.1 - INSTALLER_INSTALLATION_PENDING (discr: 0) of home 1423 ([email address])

...I cannot assign the new device to my single Zone because it shows as not having finished the installation.

How can I resolve this? I'd also like to remove the old devices (connection kit) from the list of devices, as these are now disconnected.

EDIT: I have since resolved this by finding the installer menu in the smart thermostat. I now can't find the right setting for my worcester bosch boiler via the digital interface though...

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  • @AlexHeylin you are completely right... I ended up phoning support and leaving a message on their emergency answerphone as my heating wouldn’t turn off without turning off the breaker for the boiler. Someone phoned me back within an hour and fixed it on the phone in 10 minutes, but I should have been able to do this myself. The Tado setup process definitely needs to be slicker... would save Tado a load of time and money in support I’m sure.
  • @sipuncher agreed. Given I knew exactly how the existing system was wired, which bits I was changing (non-standard) and how I wanted the control logic I was massively unimpressed it took 5 days to get this right because the installation proces actively blocked me from installing components and there's no way to set the control logic. Tado could improve this massively for non-simple installs, especially as the whole point is to tailor the solution to meet your needs (both equipment and config). Hopefully they're listening.
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