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New Build - Two Level controls - What Tado components are needed?


Our new build house is due to completion at the end of August 2019, and today we had our plumbing and electrical meeting. We were told the heating systems run from a combi-boiler, and has two thermostat faceplates. The one downstairs in living room will control all heat downstair and, one upstairs in bedroom will all control temperature upstair.

Is that type of system in a new build compatible with something like Tado?

Won't be looking at replacing all the radiator valves to start but wanted the base system in place to control via HomeKit.


  • Hi,

    We'd need more information to determine compatibility and what you would need - especially the exact make and model of the boiler and the existing thermostats. You can send that to our support if you want: https://support-request.tado.com/#/contact?locale=en

    Best regards,


  • Thanks for the reply Frank.
    Can’t get into the house until then build is complete which is looking like September. I have a meeting with builder next week and will see if I can get make and model of the boiler and existing thermostat information.
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