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Schedule not being followed after installing Smart Radiator Thermostats ?

I have been using the Smart Thermostat and Extension kit for a number of years now and it has worked fine. Last week I added Smart Radiator Thermostats but since then the schedule for the living room is not being followed. The living room radiators are hot even when the set point temperature on the Smart Thermostat is lower than the measured temperature. What is going on ?


  • JuliaJulia | Moderator

    Hi Mike,

    Have you checked that the new Smart Radiator Thermostats are assigned to your living room? This is important so they know which Smart Schedule to follow.

    If you are sure that your room configuration is correct, you case might need to be addressed individually and cannot be resolved on this forum. Please contact our customer support, who will gladly look into the issue and help you resolve it.

    Best regards,


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