Vaillant ecotec plus 618 system boiler what to do with the wiring box?

I have had Tado for a few years wired using 240v to the wiring centre in the airing cupboard for CH & HW using the extension kit. The boiler is in the garage. its a Y plan system. Everything works fine at moment. Just want to understand what benefits of ebus is and how to do it?


Have just had fitted a new Vaillant ecotec plus 618 system boiler, and the heating engineer did not know how to wire using the ebus. So the extension kit is wired to the wiring centre as per the old method.


I have read other posts and i am not fully sure what i need to do to get the ebus working. I understand i need to run 2 cables from the boiler in the garage to the tado extension kit in the airing cupboard, and these should be the only cables in the extension kit, but how do i wire the CH and HW cables?

Do i but a new wiring centre (VR66 - although I have read on posts it is not compatible) and replace the wiring centre in the airing cupboard and run an ebus cable from the boiler to the wiring centre and a ebus cable from the tado extension kit to the new wiring centre or

Do I run cables from the old wiring centre in the airing cupboard back to the new boiler for CH & HW and Ebus from boiler to tado extension kit? If its this method can i run one multi core cable from the boiler to wiring centre for the ebus and CH and HW or do they have to be separate cables?

Many thanks for anticipated help


  • Much as it would make sense, Tado and Nest don’t support ebus and relay switching simultaneously.

    If you can provide a box to receive ebus and in turn control the valves etc (S Plan or Y Plan) then you are in business. I understand the VR65 does this, but I haven’t used one.