TRV Body (M30 x 1.5)

Hi all, I'm looking for links to the good quality TRV bodies. I need to overhaul 13 radiators from standard tap style valves but I can't find correct matches. Preferably don't want to add adapters so looking for the prescribed M30 x 15mm size. Based in Ireland FWIW. (i.e. found this on amazon, but it doesn't state size:

Also, do people (with minimal Plumbing experience — i can bleed a rad and re-pressurise the boiler..) try this themselves? I had a look at a few YouTube videos and while it does seem to straightforward I'd love to hear people's thoughts.

Thanks all!

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  • GrilledCheese2
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    The Drayton valve in your link is the correct size. I have the same valve on some of my radiators.

    Replacing 13 valves is not a small job for a DIYer. If you choose to give it a go you might want to wait until the weather improves and you’re not dependent on the heating.


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