Smart Thermostats


Can anyone help me with working out how to turn smart TRV valves to off for the summer in app? When I set them to off, it only lasts for an hour and there doesn't seem to be a setting that allows me to change that.


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    If you have just a few zones for your TRVs you could just set the zone temperature to Off in your app and make sure you pull the slider above the Cancel button to the far right; that way, your manual setting will remain active until you cancel it.


  • @mw9342 superstar. Do you know I never realised that was a slider - so simple and so effective! Thanks for that.

  • mw9342
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    I'm glad that worked 😀

  • If you use IFTTT you can easily set up a virtual button on your iPhone which switches all of your thermostats at the same time to off/auto/on etc. The tado IFTTT support is more functional than the app or HomeKit!