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Had a new Ideal boiler fitted and opted for a tado room thermostat with thermostats on most radiators. I have set the wireless room thermostat to control everything, but then added thermostats to radiators. They all operate independently, but I am worried that the room stat is being over-ridden by the old timer. How should I set the existing timer so that the new room stat controls all the other non thermostat radiators. Hope that all makes sense as whatever I do I'm either sweating or freezing. Cheers.


  • That makes little sense. What does a timer have to do with temperature?

  • The timer/controller originally controlling my boiler. It's underneath the boiler and is used to set the timer for central heating and hot water. It's still working but if I switch it off then all my heating goes off.
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    You say you've got a "wireless" Tado room thermostat? Are you sure it's wireless? As that would need the Tado wireless receiver to be wired into your boiler in place of your existing programmer.

    Otherwise, if your Tado room thermostat is actually wired in, probably where your old room thermostat was, then you would need to set your old programmer/ timer for central heating to be "always on". This would effectively hand over on-off control to the tado thermostat.

    But I am making assumptions about your setup here...
  • As cbd20 mentioned you probably need to set heating to always on to let Tado control the schedule. Had to do this on my old Vaillant
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