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I have just equipped every radiator in my home with a Tado smart valve, and installed a Tado central Thermostat in the living room.

Some questions:

Can I group multiple rooms/valves to a zone? eg. all rooms on the ground floor, or all sleeping rooms. Think of drag and drops apps on your phone, it automatically creates a folder (group)

Can the Tado central thermostat overrule Tado radiator valves (eg. When I set the central thermostat in the livingroom, the livingroom valve adjusts to the central thermostat, master/slave function if you will)

My apologies if these questions already have been asked, just couldn't find them.

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    Hi @Edwin - go into Settings on your tado app, then into Devices; click on one of them and you should see a room selector; click on that and you should be able to add a new room. When you do the next device and you want to add it to the same room you just created then select that room, otherwise chose a new room again.

  • EdwinEdwin
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    Thanks for the reply.

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