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I have just equipped every radiator in my home with a Tado smart valve, and installed a Tado central Thermostat in the living room.

Some questions:

Can I group multiple rooms/valves to a zone? eg. all rooms on the ground floor, or all sleeping rooms. Think of drag and drops apps on your phone, it automatically creates a folder (group)

Can the Tado central thermostat overrule Tado radiator valves (eg. When I set the central thermostat in the livingroom, the livingroom valve adjusts to the central thermostat, master/slave function if you will)

My apologies if these questions already have been asked, just couldn't find them.

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  • mw9342
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    Hi @Edwin - go into Settings on your tado app, then into Devices; click on one of them and you should see a room selector; click on that and you should be able to add a new room. When you do the next device and you want to add it to the same room you just created then select that room, otherwise chose a new room again.

  • Edwin
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    Thanks for the reply.


  • libove

    We should be able to move devices between "rooms" (zones), without having to ask support to do it (or manually delete and re-add the device).

  • Germán


    At the moment you can assign the Smart Radiator Thermostats to different rooms and group them in the way you need (up to 7 devices per room).

    However, the default configuration makes every new Smart Radiator Thermostat zone to be able to call for heating independently, no matter what's the requirement in the room where the Smart Thermostat is. If you want to change this behavior, so the Smart Radiator Thermostat zones are dependent on the main thermostat's room needs, you can contact us on support to request this change. It can also be applied to certain zones while other remain independent, have that in mind when you plan how do you want it configured.

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  • bdh


    To follow up on your answer to the OP's question.

    You say that the Smart Radiator Thermostat can call for heat independently of the main thermostat. Is this correct?

    What happens if say for example you set the Hall at 18 degrees (via the main thermostat location), but say your living room set at 22degrees (via Smart Radiator Thermostat).

    Your hall is at 18 degrees already but your Living room is at an actual 20degrees and calls for heat to get it to 22 degrees. The Hall starts to warm up as the heating is now on, so your main thermostat turns off the heat as it's already at 18degrees, but the Living Room is still too cold and calls for heat again and it goes into a loop? Or does it?

    If it does, then does this mean you have to have a Smart Radiator Thermostat in the same room as the main thermostat so that it controls that room's heat to allow the other rooms to heat up independently?

    Alternatively can you prioritise the individual Smart Radiator Thermostat room over the main thermostat?

    Lots of questions sorry, just trying to understand the logic.

  • Germán

    Hello bdh,

    Yes, we always advise that the radiators in the room where the Smart Thermostat is set are equiped with Smart Radiator Thermostats, to avoid these overheatings.

    No zone has a higher priority than other, but the heating will come to the whole circuit, so all the radiators that are not automatized will receive heat if they are open. At least the room were the thermostat is should be automatized as it's to be expected that is frequently used.



  • martinto8

    I have a slight problem where if one of the TRV calls for heat then the room where the Smart Thermostat is can get too warm because where there is a thermostat in that location, the radiator in that location does not have a TRV by design.

    ie. Smart Thermostat is located in our bedroom which has 1 radiator that has no TRV so this room can get too warm when another room with a Smart TRV calls for heat

    How do I overcome this?

  • @martinto8, to solve that you'll need to install a TRV on your bedroom rad. Its a simple job for a plumber (in and out in the mins) 🙂
  • I feel like all the replies in this thread missed the point of the OPs question.

    He already has TRV thermostats in each room and configured. But what he is asking is can you group rooms together.

    For example. A group of rooms called Bedrooms, downstairs, or upstairs.

    Then when he sets the temp for that particular group of rooms they will all heat to that temp and using each rooms TRV thermostat.

    I have managed to solved this via Amazon Alexa app, but it doesn't seem possible with native Tado App.

    To do via Alexa, you need to make sure all thermostats are on the Alexa app. Then create a group of devices. Call the group/s something like Downstairs Heating , Bedroom Heating etc... Once you've names the group add just the Thermostats for that group. The same thermostats can be in multiple groups.

    You can then use the Alexa command, "Alexa, turn the Downstairs Heating to 22 degrees"

    You can watch the tado add adjust the temp for all TRVs in every room in the Downstairs Group.
  • SPT
    Alexa is in our house and we often "zone" control upstairs, mostly to switch on just before bedtime.
  • Hello, I'm new to forum etiquette so forgive me for replying to an old thread, but this post by Rob is exactly the dilemma I have.

    I have installed 4 TRV's upstairs and 4 Downstairs. Id like to have a tile in the Tado app that reads those categories and controllers the associated radiators. This way I can warm one part of the house at a time.

    I have a similar setup with Phillips Hue where you can group several bulbs into one tile eg outside lights, but I cant see an obvious way of doing this on the Tado app. Can anyone direct me to a solution please. I'm using IOS.

  • johnnyp78
    You need to create rooms in the app then put the devices into them. If you’ve done that I’m afraid that’s all the control you have, rooms can’t be grouped.
  • Thanks @johnnyp78, thats a shame Tado doesnt have the functionality to group further. I wonder if I can add additional groups with IOS shortcuts?