All devices are showing as connected and boiler works fine, but no heating - SO COLD

So we have had an issue for a while now with our thermostat. The Thermostat shows as connected and paired with the internet bridge and these are connected to the Extension kit - lights all look as I would expect, so far so good.

My boiler also works absolutely fine.

However, when we turn the heating on, it only heats the house to the room temperature as displayed on the thermostat - which isn't great in the winter.

Anyone else had this issue?! If so, how did you fix it? I feel like I'm going insane and none of the articles online are helpful. I wish there was a number to call so you can actually.. talk to someone.


  • Hi @Becky,
    Have you checked your schedule?? 🤔
    Has someone 'accidentally' manually adjusted the temperature setting on the device....and is your setting for "Manual adjustment" set to "until changed/cancelled by user"
  • Hello, yes checked all of that 😥 the settings are all set to until changed/cancelled by user and the temperature is showing the temperature I want it to be.. It just doesn't seem to flow through and work properly.

  • Can you send a screenshot from the app (similar to below) with the heating on. It will help to understand the heat demand. Also, do your radiators heat up and are they warm or hot?

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    My error - disregard

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭


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