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Tado support - so far disaster.


I bought Starter Kit Smart Thermostat and Extension kit last week. I was able to add them to the tado portal and was waiting for installation instructions. As usual it took two days for tado support to reply. Quite bad customer experience.

To the date I received another two emails from them and there are two engineers that are working on it. By the looks of it they don't read my comments or reply asking the same questions where the answers were already provided by me.

I figured out by myself how to do the wiring but the tado management portal still keeps saying that I have to wait for the setup instructions. I have already requested them to allow me to proceed with the installation by modifying their end but no response so far. Is there any way to call them over a phone? I couldn't find any number so far.

In that pace the entire process will take weeks.

Have you had similar experience?



  • Yep, I’m in EXACTLY the same position and share your frustration.I have sent photos, descriptions chasers to them. The extension should be a breeze but it won’t let me proceed to the next step until I receive my “installation instructions”
  • utterly ridiculous that professionals cannot be allowed to install a very simple extension unit without waiting for Tado's permission. Compension is being sought after a wasted sunday afternoon installing the tado extension (5 mins work) and not being ableto proceed with the install as the app won't let me as they don;t have details of the install.......... Now having to replace the unit with the original programmer to get heating and hot water until tado sort this frankly stupid hoop to jump through.....

    Why can't tado give the option to proceed without asking stupid system questions to people that have been doing this for 40 years..... From the comments above this may take days.......

  • Hi,

    The Extension Kit can be added retrospectively over the professional installer menu. If you are asked to send details via email, then you are adding it over the route for end-users.

    If you want more information for professional installers, please contact our support.

    Best regards,


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