Tado Wireless Receiver UK vs. EU vs. Extension Kit

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Hi guys,

If you want to have control of hot water (via a separate "zone") is it correct to say the following:

  • UK Wireless Receiver - YES can control hot water but can only have 230v switched or 24v RT and NO Digital/BUS connection?
  • EU Wireless Receiver - NO cannot control hot water but YES to Digital/BUS (plus supports 230v SL & 24v RT)
  • Extension Kit - YES can control hot water and YES to Digital/BUS (plus supports 230v SL & 24v RT)

This begs the question from me is the UK somehow different to the rest of Europe in how they request and control their hot water? If so, what are the most common differences? Is it in main combis or completely separate systems that don't require Tado?

Am I correct to say It appears the Extension kit is the best option for the UK? If so, what is the point in bringing out the UK Wireless Receiver as it loses really useful functionality and doesn't offer much in return apart from a couple of test buttons?

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