Rogue traders?

Hi all, anyone else found it impossible to get a satisfactory resolution from Tado customer services?

We recently spent £800 on kit and TRVs and all works great except 1 trv that shows "no remote access" within hours of putting on any rad. Changed batteries etc to no avail. Tado initially responded but after level 2 support failed to resolve they're now just ignoring me. Kit was bought as part of multi pack from Costco and all they will do is accept the entire kit back which means uninstalling tado completely.

I really love Tado but can't accept a company that fails to meet its legal obligations. I know my contract is with the retailer but surely Tado would sooner change a faulty TRV than lose a customer?

Absolutely awful customer service I'm saddened to say.


  • Klaus_Ludwig
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    Hi @ielk2001,

    If an item is faulty, the responsibility definitely lies with the retailer (Costco) and not with Tado.

    Hopefully, you can get this escalated to a higher level at Costco to someone who is actually authorised to use common sense rather than to just go by the book.

    It's probably worth checking the Costco small print yourself too.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Klaus,

    Absolutely correct. And indeed Costco contacted Tado who insisted they would only accept a return of the complete kit. Hence I have to uninstall the Tado set up to do that. And, they now no longer sell it so I'd have to purchase elsewhere. If this is what they will make me do to rectify one faulty TRV they will lose my custom. Far easier to request me to return it to them and replace with another.
  • Hi @ielk2001,

    Totally agree and I would still try escalating to push for that. Unfortunately the number of people who have the authority to use common sense is often limited!

  • @ielk2001 It is a shame that Costco didn't use their common sense to take a TRV from another kit and swap it with your faulty one and then return the other kit back to Tado with your faulty TRV.

    But as @Klaus_Ludwig says common sense isn't always common practice.

  • I think they would have done but they don't sell the kit or the TRVs now...
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