Why does my graph show breaks in the data?

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I have noticed that the graphs show a break in the data. This isn’t just for one radiator valve and it’s appears to be random. Any ideas what could be causing this?

The screenshot below shows multiple breaks in a 24 hour period

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  • gary333
    gary333 ✭✭
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    Has your internet connection been going down at all? Looking at the time stamps you may never know as you may have been in bed.

    You could setup a Thinkbroadband Broadband Quality Monitor. You will be able to see from the charts they produce if it is your internet cutting out.

  • beeftrader
    beeftrader ✭✭
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    Long press on the graph - it shows you all the remaining parameters you can't see.

    Gaps indicate that you have no remote access during those times, either because you lost internet access, or because the TRVs lost signal to the Bridge. The TRVs report every minute to the Bridge about their sensor values. If you opened the tado app during those gaps, you would have seen the "no remote access" error.

    You might need to reposition the Bridge to maintain a better connection to your TRVs, though if you have a large house, I don't have very good news for you (check the numerous threads on here about range issues).


  • ashley936962
    edited February 25

    Thanks both.

    After pressing on the gap it does show "no remote access"

    I’ll try moving the Bridge and see if that improves it.

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