Using installed SRV as a substitute for thermostat.

In process of expanding my Tado installation... and would like a thermostat in some rooms that is away from rads, even if they have an SRV. Why not set up an installed SRV on a shelf ...instead of more expensive smart thermostat ... won’t it do same job and half price ?

many thanks in advance.


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    If you install the SRT on to a radiator and allow it to complete the calibration cycle (in other words it's fully installed) then you can simply remove it to be positioned anywhere.


  • I've never tried this, but as long as Tado haven't coded the device so it won't work unless seated, then I cannot see any reason why not. I think there was a thread on here when they brought the temperature sensor out posing the same question.

    It does make you wonder why the temperature sensor is so expensive doesn't it. I suppose it's only advantage is you mount it on a wall and it'll look better.

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    @Djames Many people do this - works well.

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    @gary333 You don't even have to mount it on the wall, there's an optional "stand" accessory, which then begs the question why would you spend even more money going down that path. You get more temperature granularity (0.1º increments), but I doubt most of us think that's worth the extra price, especially if you buy the TRV Quattro Packs vs. 4x temperature sensors.

    Personal preference, but I prefer turning a dial rather than tapping / holding a button multiple times too.