Value of central smart wired control stat if SRV on all rads

Setting up my Tado and finalising what need to buy. Thinking of setting up SRVs in all rads. If so can’t I create zones as I like, so what’s the point in replacing the old wired thermostat for a smart one.... just leave fully on and each room can call for heat based on needs and schedule in that room ?

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    You need something to trigger the boiler. This could be the extension kit or wireless receiver, however, yes you are right you don't need the thermostat unit.

    You can also just wire the wired thermostat straight in to the boiler if you have a basic combi setup. Meaning you don't need any extension kit or receiever. I have the wired thermostat wired directly in to my Vaillant via the eBUS connection and then 10 TRV's across the house. All TRV's use the wired thermostat as their zone controller to turn the boiler on.

    Communication: Valve - Bridge - Server - Bridge - Controller (thermostat or receiver) - Boiler on

    I have the following setup as rooms via just SRVs:

    • Living room x2 with measuring device set as coldest area (setup so can turn boiler on)
    • Kitchen independent (setup so cannot turn boiler on)
    • Office (setup so can turn boiler on)
    • Bedroom 1 ( (setup so can turn boiler on))
    • Bedroom 2 (setup so cannot turn boiler on)
    • Bedroom 3 (setup so cannot turn boiler on)
    • Bedroom 4 (setup so cannot turn boiler on)
    • Utility (setup so cannot turn boiler on)

    Additionally, if you want to turn the boiler on yourself, then yes you don't need Tado thermostat at all. However, if you are spending that amount of money on SRV's you might as well spend the bit extra and have full capability of tado.