Homekit not updating


Do you know how to update the information in homekit related to the accessories?

I removed one TRV from the tado app and it doesn’t disappear from the Home app (apple)


  • I think you have no choice but to remove and re-add the Bridge (if a Bridge restart doesn’t do it).
  • But if I do that, I think I lose all the data in Homekit and I need to re-create everything, right?

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    @rorschar If you remove the Bridge, you remove all connected tado devices and they get removed from any automations or scenes you had configured. You can remove it by either going to the “Bridge” option at the devices settings, or going to your House settings, and under “Controllers and Bridges”, you’ll find the tado Internet Bridge in there.

    You would need to configure each TRV and select the HomeKit room and name for each of them. It’s a slightly slow and annoying process if you have many of them. If you had the TRVs in scenes, or you had Shortcuts-based automations (scripts), it might be a bigger PITA. You might want to do backups with third-party HomeKit apps like Home+ or similar, that might help you restore things quicker.

    Other accessories and Bridges wouldn’t be affected.

    Try long pressing the Pair button on the Bridge for 10 s to force a restart first, and try to restart the Home app a few times to be sure. You can check the number of devices on the Bridge in the Bridge’s settings in the Home app to see if it’s changed.
  • Thanks a lot for the information.

    This is what I don't want to do... this is not normal, I don't want to re-do all the job done a few weeks/months ago.

    There should be a solution from Tado, imagine that this happens again in a few months...

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    Unfortunately the Bridge is the weakest link in the tado line-up, IMO. In their upgrade doc, they so much as confirm that resetting the Bridge is the way to resolve device sync issues. https://support.tado.com/en/articles/3405553-what-can-i-do-if-not-all-devices-have-reconnected-after-replacing-my-bridge-with-the-homekit-enabled-internet-bridge

    You can see why I don’t use my Bridge in Home and went with the Homebridge solution. I told tado support my thoughts on having tado HomeKit functionality so restricted when the possibilities are there to improve it. I can somewhat understand it in the past - HomeKit wasn’t so powerful, or buggy, and tado has been around longer than that. But they have to also look towards the future - which is more towards HomeKit (Alexa etc) and not 20 different apps for 20 different classes of smart home devices. Sometimes I wonder though - in another thread here, 2FA security was considered a “power user” feature and isn’t on their roadmap. They’re one data breach away from insolvency... but I digress.

    If you’re semi-technical, a Raspberry Pi and HomeBridge might be worth it, especially if you have other non-HomeKit devices and want to bring them into the Home app (Nuki for example). It also handles removing / hiding devices pretty instantaneously (the Homebridge server can issue restarts remotely via software and it takes just a few seconds to update).
  • Thanks a lot for the information

    I had in the past Homebridge in my mac, but not anymore; the reason behind: I only have homekit gadgets :)

    Thanks again for taking your time to reply me

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