UHF Only - 3 zone - Opentherm setup

I'm setting up new heating system.

I plan to use Viessmann Vitodens-100 as heat source. It is planned as UFH system only (no radiators).

It' relatively small apartment (40 m2) and it will have 3 zones (Bathroom, open space Hall-Kitchen-Living Room, Bedroom)

Since boiler needs to reach UFH specific temperature only in CH system (not radiator as in mixed systems) I see an opportunity to regulate boiler CH temperature according to heat demand trough Opentherm and have the most comfortable floor temperature.

Ideally, system should identify highest heat demand between three zones (termostats) taking into account specific heat demand of each zone and call for according CH temperature.

I've read here in forum that Tado suggests using Heatmiser UH4 with actuators to control the UFH manifold. It looks logical, so I think I got that covered. Now only, if I'd be able to control boiler CH temperature I'd be in full control.

Please comment on this.

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