Another 3 channel programmer question (sorry)

I’m looking to add smart functionality to my existing 3 channel system, having read a lot of the other forums / questions i think I have a solution that will work for me but just want to confirm.

I currently have an esi 3 channel programmer (CH zone 1, CH zone 2 and HW) with 2 wired thermostats.

My plan is to keep the existing programmer (setting CH to continuous / always on) and continue to manage HW separate to tado through the existing programmer. Replace both thermostats with tado wired (starter kit and additional wired thermostat).

My question is, if I add tado trv’s to a couple of radiators in zone 2, managing the rest of the radiators in that zone (and all of zone 1) with manual trvs will it work, ie if the temp in one of the rooms with tado trvs calls for heat will it turn on the whole zone for that trv plus the manual trvs?

Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks in advance!