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Follow up question please.

how do you ensure the batteries last long time? How long should you expect... any advice to maximise the life ??

Many thanks in advance.



  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Djames I started with tado some 15 months ago and recently changed batteries in 2 radiators - others still going strong. I am convinced that the ease (or not) with which the device can move the 'pin' makes some difference - some people talk of only months between changes. Can't think of an magic answers!!

  • Once heating season is over, you could take all your TRVs offline if you wanted. You might need to re-insert the batteries temporarily to make sure the pin retracts fully and you can re-mount them. That's probably my plan anyway, as I don't really plan on using or observing the air / temp measurement data during the warmer months.