Trv isn't switching boiler on

I have the thermostat and two radiator TRVs, the thermostat is in the kitchen, and the TRVs bedroom and living room.
Regardless of what temperature I set the living room trv to, the boiler won't come on, it only does so when I turn up the kitchen thermostat, is this normal or is mine not configured/ working properly?
Thanks guys

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  • cbd20
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    @Xzenner it sounds like you haven't got the TRVs set to call for heat.

    Open the app, select settings, select "Rooms and devices", and select bedroom and living room. Make sure you click on the Room name itself. Then at the bottom set the zone controller to be the thermostat. This should mean that the TRV will then tell the thermostat to fire the boiler.
  • Tyz
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    If you zone controller and set up is correct, the issue will be the configuration file, ask Tado to re-upload.
    I had an issue with the boiler not heating the water when the TRV calling for heat, all it would do is pump cold water round unless another room called for heat.
    After 3 week investigation the issue was resolved after by Tado re-uploading the configuration files.
    Just to note, I mention this to one adviser after 14 days after reading an article but still had to wait another 10 days to get sorted.
    All working well now and still pleased of the purchase.


  • Hi @Xzenner,

    It's not normal. I would assume your config must be incorrect. Up to 10 SRT's can call for heat.

  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin

    You can always push the configuration again to your own devices.

    To do this, just remove the device from your account. Wait at least 1 hour.

    Then add the device again to your account.

    This will push the new configuration to the device, and will re-link the device to be able to call for heating from the heat source controller.

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