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Time block intervals

A pre-purchase question pleas. What is the minimum time block? In then morning we have our heating on just for 30 mins before heading out to work. If I could make that 20 or 25 each day...thats a saving. Can I program Tado with specific times or am I restricted to 30 min block?. Also anyone know how Tado's geofencing knows when just I just pooped out locally and when I'm far away for a trip away? Any experience from users greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • Hi,

    The minimum time block interval is 15 minutes, so you should be fine.

    Regarding the geolocation, by default it activates only when you are more than 200 meters from your home, and you can also customise that distance if need be. If you decide to not activate Auto-Assist, you will be asked if your system should go into away mode, which might be better for you if you only briefly leave the home often.

    Best regards,


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