Minimum Temperature Settings

I am sure I've seen the answer on here to this, but after searching I cannot find any reference.

Is it possible to set the lower / minimum temperature that Tado will try asking for from the boiler?

I can see at present Tado on my system requests heat from between 32oC and 75oC. Due to the large size of my boiler 32oC is too low and means the boiler comes on for about 30 secs before shutting down. This is something that is possible with the Vaillant controllers to prevent this. With it being a Vaillant this means the heating is then locked out for around 15-20 minutes. Obviously the Tado recognises (incorrectly in this case) that the house is warming up too slowly so eventually does up the water temperature.

This causes unnecessary strain on the boiler and for no benefit at all as the boiler will just end up heating the water that is within it.

I would like to set the minimum to at least 40oC. Anyone know if this is possible?

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