Does having two Zone Controllers increase the rooms allowed to more than 10?

Hi, I'm using our Extension Kit as our Zone Controller. I'm not using my Smart Thermostat at all.
If I wire in the Smart Thermostat (replacing the Honeywell non-smart thermostat mounted on the wall) would the Smart Thermostat become a second Zone Controller and if so, could I then allocate the current Tado TRV's that are independent (& therefore unable to turn on the boiler) to it.. therefore increasing the maximum of 10 I have currently???


  • gary333
    gary333 ✭✭
    Do you have two physical zones by some sort of mechanical zone valve wired in to the boiler?
  • @gary333
    No mate, just understood the smart thermostat can be a zone controller so wondered about adding it.. so we might get more SRT's than the 10 limit.
    I don't need to zone the house at all, just Tado call them zone controllers in the app.
  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    @Ben_UK a zone controller is a device that opens the valve to fire the boiler.

    If you only have a single valve then you cannot add a second zone controller, as what would it control?
  • Ben_UK
    edited March 4
    @cbd20 yes I realise that, but with Tado calling all sorts of things rooms, zone controllers, independent rooms, etc I was hoping having both the extension kit and the smart thermostat would show both devices as optional zone controllers for my Tado trv's I have fitted and they might both open the same valve.
    Tado's naming can get rather confusing so I hoped the zone controllers naming was an odd Tado thing and there was a chance that I may be able to use over the 10 rooms limit that can call for heat.
  • gary333
    gary333 ✭✭

    I think having more more than one controller could allow then more rooms than the 10, however don't know for sure.

    However, in your setup I don't think this would be possible as you only have one set of terminals in the boiler. If you plugged both in to the same ports in the boiler, then one zone valve would be outputting 24v, whilst the other one would not. I don't think the Tado equipment would like being backfed by 24v when off.

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