Can a radiator thermostat be set hotter than the main thermostat?

If a radiator thermostat is set higher than the main thermostat, what happens?

  1. Nothing, only the main thermostat can call for heat so the radiator thermostat will open but with no flow the room will not get hotter.
  2. The radiator thermostat will inform the main thermostat it needs heat. The main thermostat will call for heat so the radiator thermostat room will get hotter. This will also mean rooms without a radiator thermostat will get hotter because they have no temperature flow control.


  • Rob2
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    Yes, that can both be true. It depends on how you configure it.

  • malcernie
    edited March 2021
    Ok. So if I would like option 2 is this a configuration setting or do I need the wiring add on?
  • My system only seems to operate as per point 1 above. I can't get a room thermostat to be achieve a higher temperature than the main (Smart) thermostat.

  • Further to my comment above, I wrote to Tado on this and they sorted almost immediately. Now working as it should, aligned to Point 2 above.

  • cbd20
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    @malcernie @DonNmac This can also be changed from within the app by clicking Settings, Rooms and Devices, then clicking on the Room name for each radiator thermostat. At the bottom set the heating zone controller.

    No heating controller will give your option 1 scenario.

    Setting the zone controller as your main smart thermostat in your case will give you option 2.