Best new heat only boiler compatible with Tado?

I was a fairly early adopter of Tado and heave been very happy with it. I currently have a wired thermostat and extension kit to control room temp and hot water on a 35 year old Potterton Netaheat conventional boiler. I am planning on changing this in the summer for a new heat only conventional boiler. I was keen on Ideal and Vaillant (but have just read some worrying issues with Tado/Vaillant) but wondered what is the most straightforward swap over to continue using my existing Tado set up with full functionality?

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    I've used the tado v1.0 with a Viessmann 100 heat only since launch. V100 is a great boiler. V200 weather compensation is much better though, so I'd go for that.

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    If you want to use weather compensation or room/load compensation then you will have to use a digital interface. Both of these features adjust the flow water temperature to balance efficiency and comfort.

    On a cold winter’s day weather compensation will increase the flow temperature to raise the heat output from the radiators. On a warm spring day weather compensation will decrease the flow temperature to lower the heat output from the radiators. The lower the flow temperature the more efficient a condensing boiler will operate. This feature may not work for you as you have a heat only boiler. If the flow temperature is too low the hot water cylinder will not heat up sufficiently.

    Room/load compensation will give better control of the room temperature. Again this is achieved by altering the flow temperature. When the room temperature approaches the target temperature the heat output from the radiators is reduced. This avoids an overshoot in room temperature due to radiators continuing to emit heat into the room after the thermostat and boiler switch off.

    The traditional on/off relay will not give you the above benefits, but you would probably need to upgrade to a system boiler to get the most out of digital control.

    There’s some info here about relay vs digital control of room temperature.


  • Thanks. Yes Viesmann are one on my radar.

  • The reported issues with Vaillant boilers occur when using digital control, a proprietary interface that Tado have tried to reverse engineer. If you use traditional relay control (which is what you have with your old Potterton) then you can use Tado with any heat only boiler, including Vaillant.

  • Thank you. Would that lead to any loss of control as compared to other boiler makes? Obviously the Potterton was unsophisticated in that sense.

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