Smart schedule


just had this installed on my new boiler and cannot work out how on earth the smart schedule works.

I would like the boiler to start at 07.00am and turn off at 08.30am on the same day then turn on at 18.00 and off at 21.30. We want the house to be heated to 18c.

When i try to set these times in the Smart schedule it's like the boiler has a mind of its own and tries to run all day long even when i have set the times as above. I then go back into the smart schedule and low and behold... the times are no longer there or have changed themselves to run all day. I'm on the verge of giving up after 24 hours.

Any help is much appreciated as I just can't work out why it is so difficult to set a timer!! talk about complicated


  • Hi Willum, sorry you're having issues !

    Can you tell us what you have installed ? Is it just a single thermostat (wired or wireless) or do you have radiator valves (SRVs) too ?

    First thing to note that Tado isn't quite a "timeclock replacement", although there are several threads about changes or improvement to the scheduling mechanisms.

    Simply speaking, there are a couple of things to notice when using the App on your smartphone (specifically I am familiar with the iOS app but I don't imagine it's hugely different on Android).

    Firstly, when you go into the schedule, if you want 2 "ON" periods, you will need 5 time-slots because the schedule runs from midnight to midnight. So you are really creating OFF -> ON ->. OFF -> ON -> OFF. Actually, "OFF" is probably just a lower temperature than the "ON" which is the comfortable temperature for sitting around in. You can of course create more than 5 time-slots, and because this isn't a time clock replacement, it's "SMART" then you may end up doing things slightly differently.

    Simplistically, assuming I want the house warm at 0700hrs and I go to work at 0830hrs, then I would create a low temperature slot from midnight to 0700 (maybe 12^) and then a warm slot from 0700 to 0830 at 20^. If you enable the "Early Start" on the schedule settings then Tado will start heating before 0700hrs to be at your target temperature by 0700.

    Then add the slot for the day when you're not home... let's say 0830-1700, again at maybe 16^, and then a slot from 1700-2230hrs at maybe 21^. The last slot will be from 2230-0000 at 12^ again.

    Make sure you SAVE each slot as you edit it, and the schedule should show your slots as you build the schedule out. If you cancel by mistake, you'll end up back with the default program values (It's easy to do and there is no "are you sure?" confirmation).

    If you're using more than one measuring device (thermostat or SRV) then you'll need to create the schedule for each heating zone separately.

    Good luck !