Help Please Pretty Please! having a nightmare wiring underfloor heating to Tado

Really hope someone has experience with the same problem

I have a Worcester Boiler providing heat for upstairs Rads which will be controlled by Tado Wireless Thermostat + extension kit wired to the boiler (not sure if this is correct or does it need to be wired to the wiring center) and Tado TRV's on every radiator and a Zone valve on the flow pipe to the upstairs pipework

and now the underfloor heating consists of a

Wavin 4 port manifold with Wavin 24V actuators, wavin Hep2o 16 zone control/ wiring center

3 x Tado wired thermostats for 3 zones spanning 140m2

now in my crazy world this makes sense to me but for the life of me, the plumber and I can't seem to figure out or understand how this system needs to be wired up in the control center, unable to get hold of Tado via chat or phone, Wavin pretty much not able/willing to help due to the fact I'm using products which they haven't tested as they would rather much sell their own disfunctional stuff

so if anyone has any wiring diagrams or advice or knows someone who does know, or someone whose willing to come and do it for me or if some kind engineer @ Tado would like to reply with some advice and instructions of how this is all connected then please reply as my brain is on fire from information overload and I am still no closer to getting this part of my build completed

thank you

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    Technical support desks are unlikely to give advice relating to another manufacturer. Giving bad advice could be a costly mistake. My advice is to contact Wavin again and to keep the conversation generic. The questions I would ask are:

    1) Is your 16 zone wiring centre compatible with third party thermostats?

    2) If not, which of their wiring centres is compatible with a third party thermostat?

    3) Can the third party thermostat use a relay interface?

    4) Is the interface configured for voltage free or 240V?

    The above doesn’t solve your problem but it will help you understand what is possible and will be useful when discussing with Tado technical support.

    My non-expert opinion is you won’t be able to use Tado with the 16 zone wiring centre because the unit uses a single communication bus to address up to 16 thermostats. It looks to be an entirely proprietary solution. Their 8 zone wiring centre might work for you. It has 8 individual terminals for connecting the zone thermostats. It also looks to have options for controlling a radiator zone and a hot water circuit.

    I would aim for the wiring centre to provide the boiler interlock and not the Tado extension kit.

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