Replacing 2x Hive receiver system with Tado


In my previous house I replaced a nice easy Worcester Wave thermostat through the LV connections to a Tado V3 Smart Thermostat and Smart TRVs.

The new house has an existing Hive system (excluding the use of the perfectly working hub as Hive refuse to allow its transfer of ownership - i'd need to buy a new one). Current Hive consists of two receivers and two wireless thermostats. Both switch 230v, one is a two-channel model controlling a separate central heating valve and a hot water valve. The second is a single channel controlling a wet underfloor heating system (single valve and pump).

I'd like to replace this with my existing Tado Smart Thermostats and TRVs and extend that were necessary. Tado's documentation suggests the term for my first receiver is a switched 230v 's-plan' setup. The second receiver is a simple 1 channel switching another 230v pump/valve.

From what i can see I need an extension kit to deal with the 230v, however do I need 2x extension kits to deal with the total of 3x channels?

It seems like it should be really quite simple, however a couple of quick questions to Tado's support have come up with the surprising answer 'Unfortunately, since you have two wireless receivers, with tado° it will be possible only to replace one of them. It is not possible to have two tado° Wireless Receivers in the same house as they would interfere with each other.'

Is that really the case? I cannot have two wireless receivers in the same house - does that mean physically or under the same Tado account?

Anyone have any ideas if this is possible or do I just end up with some kind of hybrid system where i have Tado and Hive (and have to stump up the cost for a hive hub)?

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    It’s true that you can only have one wireless receiver per system. You will need to convert one of the existing thermostats to wired operation before you replace with Tado.

    Alternatively, you could combine your two heating zones to be controlled by a single wireless thermostat and use the smart TRVs to provide the zoning. If you have a smart TRV on every radiator it does not matter if you have one or two heating circuits.


  • Thank you. It hadn't crossed my mind to think about changing the second one to wired.

    The underfloor heating zone will need some kind of separate thermostat. Otherwise when a TRV calls for heating it'll open the underfloor heating valve too.

    One final question then. Although I cannot have two wireless receivers, could I have one wireless receiver (controlled by a smart thermostat, for general heating and hot water) and a second smart thermostat wired in for just the underfloor heating zone with one of tado's (expensive) wireless thermostats?

  • Unfortunately you cannot pair a wireless temperature sensor with a wired thermostat. You would have to find a convenient location for the wired thermostat that can be wired back to the UFH valve and pump.

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