Extension kit compatible with worcester bosch 30i digital bus

I have purchased a tado wireless thermostat starter kit. I want to use the digital bus but the wireless receiver does not have the digital terminals. Will an extension kit v3p-ek01-tc-ml-01 contain the digital bus terminals?. Will I be able to use this extension kit rather than the wireless receiver for gas modulation with the tado wireless thermostat starter kit.?

Thanks for any help.


  • gary333
    gary333 ✭✭

    The extension kit should have digital terminals, however please note that the extension kit is not produced anymore (stopped November 2020). If you purchase one from a retailer new you will likely find they send you the wireless receiver you already have. You could try getting a secondhand one from eBay.

    It's also worth saying, you cannot use digital bus and relay connections I don't think, and this is likely the reason why the bus was left off the UK version, as most people will have valves etc that are controlled by relay and not by bus.

  • Your best bet is ebay! Took me ages to get an one in the uk
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