Extremely flakey connection to the wireless receiver

Has anyone else had issues with the wireless receiver constantly dropping connection unless the bridge is very very close?

We moved house recently, old house had wired thermostat so we were using the old wired thermostat to communicate/control the boiler. Our new house has the boiler in the loft so we bought the (relatively new) wireless receiver kit along with a few TRVs to cover the whole house (3 bed semi, nothing massive).

I initially set up the bridge on the landing so it was pretty central and have all the TRVs within range (Tado told me the range is 3-13m). Unfortunately the wireless receiver (~7m away) kept losing the connection resulting in the heating staying on well beyond it being needed or worse turning on randomly at night. Moving the bridge into a bedroom directly under the the boiler in the loft (4m vertical distance) gives a stable connection to the wireless receiver.

However, this now means that the wireless thermostat in the lounge (~13m) and the TRV in a front bedroom (~12m) frequently lose connection. This now seems to result in the wireless receiver turning the boiler on in the middle of the night. This happens even though all the TRVs/thermostats are not calling for heat, or are disconnected (and were not calling for heat when disconnected). This behaviour seems at odds with what is documented by tado themselves; when disconnected the same behaviour should continue until reconnected, so in this instance I would expect the boiler not to fire up since it wasn't firing when the connection was lost.

I've contacted Tado via their support channels but they just say it's due to a "connectivity issue" in my house. My house doesn't have thick walls and is a standard construction. They asked about mobile signal and I said we have poor mobile signal, which I think they've confused themselves with. We live in the countryside and the mobile signal is the same inside and outside! We've got a phillips hue system set up and that works flawlessly despite the bridge being at the opposite end of the house to the bulbs.

Has anyone else had similar issues, specifically involving the wireless receiver?


  • Hi,

    I’m the same boat and there are lots of other threads on this forums with others experiencing the same issues. I saw one comments about setting the Bridge upside down with power cord extended upwards that acts as an aerial for the signal (Tado say it should be upright) so I’m going to try that this evening. Anything that might work, works for me

    i have, BTW, lots of email exchanges with Tado support as we tried various setup - I’ve even swapped Smart TRVs to other locations to rule out any device faults and have recently installed a TP Deco mesh WiFi that seemed to settle everything down for a week or so, before drop outs happened again.

    Seems like it will take some cleaver thinking by Tado to allow for multiple Bridges, or something else to ensure widest range is provided for.



  • Yeah we've done pretty much the same thing (even down to the Deco mesh)! I've just about convinced support that there's something abnormal about our configuration that means the wireless receiver is just not great at receiving... It was OK for the first month but then something (and I cannot work out what) changed to make it unreliable.

    Multiple bridges, some sort of mesh capability, all of those sound ideal but I've not got high hopes for a speedy resolution in that regard.

  • I'm intrigued that you say that "Tado told me the range is 3-13m". Where does it say this in the documentation or installation instructions. I'm trying to install the system in a house where the total distances can be up to 30 m, and where there are some very thick internal stone walls (60 cm) which I presume will seriously reduce the range. But to what? 6 m?? What are you supposed to do at longer ranges? Add additional internet bridges? It turns out that I actually have two anyway (having bought two starter kits), but I can't find any information about how to use them.

  • That figure was quoted to me in an email with tech support. Sadly you can't use multiple bridges (I also have two for similar reasons) to boost the range. There are plenty of forum threads asking about it as a feature too, worth a read and add a comment to keep tado support reminded that people want this sort of feature.

    For completeness, the "resolution" to my problem is that the wireless receiver is too close to the boiler. This apparently causes interference and really reduces the range of the receiver itself and possibly the bridge. Unfortunately I am not able to lengthen the wire between the boiler and receiver to move it so I have had to remove my furthest TRVs to get a sufficiently stable connection to the erroneous heating for now. When we get our boiler serviced I shall ask the technician to move the receiver for me and hopefully this will enable us to use the system more fully.

  • Hi,

    According to https://support.tado.com/en/articles/3557440-how-does-the-tado-internet-bridge-communicate-with-other-tado-devices#:~:text=The%20tado%C2%B0%20devices%20communicate,inside%20buildings%20and%20through%20walls. Tado is using 868 MHz frequency. This frequency is now more an more popular at wireless devices due to low power consumption. I have burglar alarm with some home automation. I experienced similar issues and all was caused by Tado, alarm etc. interfering together. In my case I was able to set on the alarm to automatically find lowest occupied channel which has resolved issues with Tado. Maybe in your case you could try to disable all your devices which could interfere with Tado and see if this helps.

  • Thanks @arturr1987. I think that tado looked at the channel on the wireless receiver. I'll take a look and see whether anything else in our house is on that network band though.

  • I have an issue too. The burglar alarm might be an issue, or the receiver proximity to the boiler...not sure, but I think Tado should work at this as a priority. 13M is simply not far enough...