Can I automatically switch off heating every other week?

Hi all-can anyone tell me if this setup is possible?

I have my kids every week from Wed-Fri, and every other weekend. I want their rooms to be in away mode when they are away-which requires being set to on every other weekend.

Is this possible with some combination of app and ifttt/ Google calendar?


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @mark79d As an interim arrangement, you could use one of the 'sets' of days i.e.

    1 Mon-Fri, Sat and Sun.

    2 Mon to Sun,

    3 All days.

    You would still need to switch them, of course.

  • @mark79d in theory you can use events in your Google calendar as a trigger in IFTTT to start and stop manual control of rooms in the Tado app. The manual control would be a fixed temperature for the duration between two events. Your best option is to setup the Tado schedule assuming your children are home, but when they leave an IFTTT applet turns off their rooms.

    IFTTT is not totally reliable so the suggestion by sand to toggle between two schedules in the app may give the best results. Obviously it will need some manual input from yourself.

  • If you're able to set up home assistant you could use its tado integration to set the zones to on whenever your kids are at your house (to automate it you'd need a way to track when your kids are home, I think either the home assistant app or the tado app itself can do this)