Different Rooms and Different Temps without the Radiator Thermostats

Apologises if this has been asked previously, I've had a quick look and couldn't find the same set up I'm thinking to create. I currently have the wired thermostat kit V3+, it has been installed in my living room since December last year. My kitchen is one of the coldest rooms in the house, the heating trips off in the living room when it has come up to temperature but then going into the kitchen it is always noticeably colder, can I add a Wireless Temperature Sensor in my kitchen and set that to a different temperature, so that would only turn the heating off once that room has reached the desired temperature in there, is this a possible solution? I can't fit the radiator thermostats due to size of the thermostat so that isn't a option unfortunately.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • It may be simpler than you think.

    Do you have an existing regular TRV in the living room?

    If so, ignore established 'wisdom' and set it so the radiator turns off 1.5C (or so) below the thermostat set point. This should mean the heating stays on in the rest of the house despite the living room being occupied.

    Example - set stat to 21C in the evening. Set TRV to 19.5. When the room is occupied, the temperature will probably be about 20.5-21C and the TRV will stop it going any higher, by turning off the radiator. Heating will therefore still run. Kitchen (and rest of the house) will still be heated.

    If your boiler has weather compensation (?) you don't want the heating going on and off all the time anyway.

    Happy to answer any follow-up Qs.

  • Thank you for your response!

    Yes i have got a TRV on the radiator in there, got a question in regards to how you have explained to set it up. If I was to set the radiator thermo up would the setting come on the same timer as the thermostat? Does it work in line with the timing on the thermostat on the wall or would that radiator be independent from the rest?

    Im not sure what the weather compensation is?

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    Hi ya,

    Sorry to disagree DM but I wouldn't recommend that as it means you would always have to keep the kitchen door open else the heating would never turn off.

    I think your idea of using a wireless thermostat is sensible. You don't have to use the thermostat unit (as it's expensive for what it is), you could just use a Tado TRV and not fit it (keep it on the side). This would give you future benefit if you do get TRV's mounts in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house you could make use of it properly.

    The issue you are going to get here (if you don't use TRV's) is that the kitchen will have to be the lead. This means you will need to set the wired Tado to not use it's own temperator sensor. You would then have to adjust the TRV's in the living room to a comfortable level. The kitchen would then turn on or off the whole house. The living room would not longer be controllable by the wired unit.